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Emerging Marketers Program


The Australian Marketing Institute's Emerging Marketers network has active student and young marketer groups in South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, and Queensland.


New South Wales

Western Australia

Australian Capital Territory

About the Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program

What is the Mentoring Program?

This exciting program gives young, aspiring marketers an opportunity to meet and talk with industry professionals and get a valuable insight into the industry and their own futures. They will learn from people who can give them the competitive edge into launching their careers and help them with the first steps of becoming future industry leaders.

What does it involve?

  • Length of program: seven months
  • Frequency of contact: once a month (or more if it suits you)
  • Commitment: 2 hours per month (or more if it suits you)
  • Recommended mode of contact: scheduled one-on-one meetings as well as optional email and phone correspondence

Benefits for Mentees

  • Access to a senior marketer who can provide professional guidance and support
  • Networking opportunities with peers and senior marketers
  • Discounted tickets to networking events
  • Advice during the developmental stages of your marketing career
  • New skills to advance to the next level of your career
  • Discounts to AMI curated workshops

Benefits for Mentors

  • Qualifying hours towards maintaining your Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) status
  • Networking opportunities across different industries
  • Access to up-and-coming talent
  • The challenge and excitement of working with a passionate emerging marketer
  • Satisfaction that comes from helping someone be all that they can be

How much for Mentees

This program will cost AU $85.

How much for Mentors

There is no cost associated to become a mentor.

Prerequisite for mentees

  • AMI membership - Graduate or Professional
  • Be a Graduate or have up to 5 years industry experience

To join the AMI as a Graduate or Professional member, click here.

Prerequisite for mentors

  • AMI professional member (with a member category higher than associate designation)
  • AMI Certified Practising Marketer
  • More than 5 years industry experience

Click here to become a professional member.
Click here to read more about CPM accreditation.


"My experience with EM was very positive as through all the events as well as my interactions with my Mentor (Laura McCrackle), I have learned different types of Marketing and different ways of thinking as a marketer. Marketing is so much fun and incredibly dynamic, it always encourages you to think from different perspectives and excites you from all possible outcomes. Marketers should gather around more often and share knowledge and sparkles with each other. AMI offered a place like this and it will be exciting to see how many stories will be created by this kind of pleasant encounter."

Hua Han
EM NSW 2017 Mentee

"I have been a mentor for Emerging Marketers Victoria for the last six years and have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the program. Each mentee I have worked with has brought different interests, questions and wants to our discussions, but all have a common desire to understand more about the world of marketing. Whilst my experience in marketing is largely based around one industry, we have always found plenty to talk about and I have been able to introduce them to other experts in this field. I have personally found it a very enriching experience, and would recommend it to other marketers, as a way of giving back to young marketers."

Dennis Freeman
EM VIC 2016 Mentor

"The EMV Program gave me access to insider knowledge expressed with warmth and generosity, confidence in expressing my own ideas within a team, and affirming me to believe in the quality of my own work. It helped me to reignite my own enthusiasm when I felt challenged or unmotivated. This led me to become more motivated in the office and inspiring my own team and colleagues.

It challenged me to do things differently, more effectively and instilled the confidence to discus a promotion with my manager - giving me tactics on the best ways to approach this conversation so I felt prepared and confident."

Natalie Claire King
EM VIC 2017 Mentee

When I started out with my career, I recognised that networking was going to be important with getting my foot in the door. The AMI mentoring program allowed me to learn the the ropes and get my introductions to some industry people, who helped me on my way to a fruitful career that has spanned CH07, Time Out and Mamamia.

Stefan Bugryn
EM VIC 2017 Mentee

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