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Certified Practising Marketer FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions on becoming a CPM:

Q: Who can become a CPM?

A: Anyone who is serious about a professional career in marketing can become a CPM. Since CPM is a benchmark of marketing practice it is a measure of career progress for professional marketers.

Q: Is CPM a membership category?

A: The CPM program is not a membership category. It does not supersede or have higher status than any membership category. Nor do you have to be a CPM to be a member of the Institute. However, CPM is a prerequisite for the membership categories of Associate Fellow and Fellow.

Q: How will CPM help my career?

A: It will provide employers and clients with credentials that benchmark past career achievements. It will also serve to differentiate the relative experience of marketing practitioners. Along with the Professional Maintenance Program, your constant updating of skills will be recognised.

Q: Do I have to complete a course to become a CPM?

A: CPM is not a course. It is designed to certify that an individual is a practising marketer who fulfils the Australian Marketing Institute’s requirements for qualifications, experience and professionalism. To achieve this standard, some individuals may be required to undertake further study to upgrade their qualifications while others may be required to enhance their experience.

Q: What if I do not yet meet the criteria for CPM?

A: Each application is individually assessed. Specific recommendations are made to provide a pathway for each applicant to ultimately achieve CPM accreditation. The assessment process offers valuable feedback and guidance to assist your professional development. If you are not sure you qualify please call us on 1300 737 445. If you don’t qualify yet, we can assist by recommending a course of action (Professional Development Program) that will lead to CPM qualification.

Q: What are my professional development obligations?

A: Each year participants in the CPM Program are required to undertake 32.5 hours of professional development or 100 hours over three years. A variety of activities qualify including workshops, seminars and self-study, providing the program you undertake extends your marketing skills. The AMI offers a range of education, training and professional development designed to meet the needs of marketers based on the qualifications or experience.

Q: Why should I become a CPM?

A: Recognition. The people you respect in your business life will see and recognise you for what you are, ‘qualified, experienced, professional’. It is fast becoming the standard required of all marketing practitioners in the future. Marketing is a relative newcomer to the ranks of the professions and through the CPM Program marketers gain the professional recognition they deserve.

Q: How do I apply for CPM?

A: Simply complete the CPM Application Form and attach evidence of your achievement that includes: a resume or CV; transcripts of results and copies of certificates; and an official position description or organisation chart. It is also useful to note specific details of work done or results achieved, e.g. details of your involvement in the successful launch and establishment of a product or service. Send your completed application with a $100 (incl. GST) processing fee to the AMI. If you are not an individual AMI member, you also need to pay membership subscription fees.

If you have any other questions please contact the Australian Marketing Institute on 02 8256 1654 or email membership [@]

The CPM Application form is a separate document: click here for the CPM application form (PDF - 1MB).
You can also apply online.