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Personal Professional Development is our focus. We know that Marketers are constantly learning new marketing skills. This means keeping up with new trends and technology. Have you considered what personal skill you could use to get to the next stage in your career?

LinkedIn Marketing Workshops

These workshops run by an industry professional on LinkedIn will help you understand how to utilise the platform to grow your organisation and the capabilities which you might not know it can perform.

  • Format: In-class and Online
  • Facilitator: Lucy Bingle
  • Cost: $400 (Non-member); $280 (AMI Member)
  • Dates: Multiple
  • CPM PMP Hours: 4

Media & Interview Skills

Prepare your teams for the media as they learn how to conduct themselves and represent your organisation during an interview with the media or a presentation to your board. Capacity of 8 participants for this class.

  • Format: In-class (Brisbane)
  • Facilitator: Peter Buckley
  • Cost: $750 (Non-member); $525 (AMI Member); $450 (CPM)
  • Dates: 14 March 2018
  • CPM PMP Hours: 4

Marketing Leadership Training

How creative leadership skills and thinking can make a difference. Learn what qualities and skills are expected at the CMO level and what steps you can take to take to get there.

  • Format: In-class (Sydney) and Online
  • Facilitator: Paul Whybrow
  • Cost: $550 (Non-member); $385 (AMI Member); $330 (CPM)
  • Dates: Wednesday 30th May 2018
  • CPM PMP Hours: 4

Flying Solo

The dos and don’ts on how to market yourself as a contractor in a sector which is evolving. What are customers looking for in an outsourced role? And how as an organisation you can utilise contractors.

  • Format: In-class (Sydney) and Online
  • Facilitator: Christopher Melotti
  • Cost: $550 (Non-member); $385 (AMI Member); $330 (CPM)
  • Dates: Wednesday, 11 April 2018
  • CPM PMP Hours: 4

Pathway to the Boardroom

AMI has formed partnerships to cover all angles in creating a pathway for marketers to gain board positons. If one of your career aspirations is to bring marketing expertise and advice to the Board, then we highly recommend you set yourself up for success and explore our pathway to the boardroom programs further.

After researching the market, the AMI is proud to announce its partnership with Director Institute - next generation directors who provide current and aspiring board directors with resources, peer to peer education and access to an exclusive business network, and a wide range of board opportunities available nowhere else in the market.