Congratulations on the first step of entering your search for a marketing program, to take you on your journey towards a strong and rewarding marketing career!

Selecting to study for most people is one of the biggest investments that you will do with your life, outside of purchasing a house. With so many institutions and other bodies offering marketing programs, how do you identify those that actually meet the necessary standards that employers are looking for of graduates? Specifically does your program actually have workplace integrated learning skills, strong knowledge of marketing theory, ability to apply practically the theory learnt and quality of graduate attributes? The AMI as an independent body has thoroughly examined these criteria at time of awarding accreditation.

These days just about anyone can call themselves a marketer. But, what distinguishes those who say they are a ‘marketer’, from those who are actually experienced practising professionals, is becoming a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM). We are the only professional body offering this peak benchmark of this kind in the Asia-Pacific Region, and as a graduate of an accredited program, you are eligible to credit towards reducing the time needed to become a CPM.

A CPM for marketers is what a CPA is to accountants or a licence is to a tradesperson. Just like you wouldn’t call some random person from the street to do your accounting or to do your plumbing, you shouldn’t trust just anyone to do your marketing. The CPM qualification in the workplace is a differentiator for marketing professionals – not all marketers are created equal. As a practitioner, we provide you with great opportunities to continue maintaining and growing your skills and knowledge, not least of which is through the CPM program.

For those who have gone that extra step and completed an AMI Accredited Program, recognition is granted with time spent completing your program. This allows for a credit reduction off the five (5) year time needed to become a CPM, owing to the high standards and workplace integrated learning nature of your studies. The following credit is granted for Members having completed degrees as follows:

  • Bachelor: 1 year credit
  • Graduate Certificate: 6 months credit
  • Graduate Diploma: 1 year credit
  • Master: 2 years credit
  • Advanced Master: 2.5 years credit

Lastly, as a graduate of an accredited program, you are entitled to request in the period after graduating a copy of a letter of reference for prospective employers. This letter is provided in soft copy (emailed version) explaining the value of the accredited program that you have just completed (subject to proof of graduation of that program and provided it was accredited at the time of graduating).

We look forward traveling the journey with you as you as a marketer.