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Marketing Skills are the bones of the job. AMI offers you access to workshops online and face to face which will help you learn new marketing skills or brush up on old ones.

Content Marketing

Content Strategy & Copywriting Workshop

It’s more important than ever to know how to create copy for different mediums and what will cut though all the noise.

  • Format: Online and in-class (Sydney)
  • Facilitator: Chris Melotti
  • Cost: $550 (Non-member); $385 (AMI Member); $330 (CPM)
  • Date: Wednesday 13th February 2019
  • CPM PMP Hours: 4

Content Marketing Strategy

In this strategic course you will examine all areas of content marketing, its role in digital, marketing and business strategies.

  • Format: In-class: 1 day, 9am - 5pm: Online: Self-paced, up to 6 months to complete.
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Cost: $550
  • Dates: Brisbane 09/05/2019, Melbourne 12/06/2019, Perth 09/04/2019, Sydney 28/02/2019
  • CPM PMP Hours: 8

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital Marketing Strategy

Strategy counts. Drive your business forward with effective digital strategy development.

  • Format: In-class: 2 days, 9am - 5pm
  • Cost: $1450
  • Date: Sydney 7/05/2019, Melbourne 11/06/2019
  • CPM PMP Hours: 16

Digital Marketing Essentials

Learn digital marketing essentials and how to leverage technology and data to drive results.

  • Format: Two-day, Face-to-Face classroom style.
  • Cost: $1,225
  • Date: Brisbane 10/4/2019, Sydney 26/02/2019, Melbourne 4/6/2019
  • CPM PMP Hours: 16

Social Media Marketing Essentials

Step up your social media planning game and build campaigns that convert.

  • Format: In-class: 1 day, 9am - 5pm: Online: Self-paced, up to 6 months to complete.
  • Cost: $650
  • Date: Sydney 19/03/2019, Melbour 11/04/2018
  • CPM PMP Hours: 8

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Nail Facebook and Twitter with a social media strategy that sells.

  • Format: In-class: 1 day, 9am - 5pm
  • Cost: $650
  • Date: Sydney 13/06/2019, Melbourne 30/05/2019
  • CPM PMP Hours: 8

Facebook Analytics

Three weekly interactive webinars for Facebook's new analytics platform.
Learn how to connect your business's Facebook pages, Facebook and Instagram advertising, apps and messenger together with your website so you can fully understand the ROI of your social media.

  • Format: Live interactive webinar
  • Cost: $330
  • Date: Starting 27 November 2018
  • CPM PMP Hours: 4

Customer Experience

Loyalty and Retention Marketing Strategy

Stand out in the age of the customer with Australia’s leading customer loyalty and retention strategy course.

  • Format: 2 days, Face-to-Face classroom style.
  • Cost: $1,450
  • Dates: Sydney 1/05/2019, Melbourne 4/06/ 2019 
  • CPM PMP Hours: 16

Customer Journey Mapping

Your pathway to putting your customer at the heart of your business. Learn to truly understand customer needs to meet your business goals.

  • Format: Full day, Face-to-Face classroom style.
  • Cost: $650
  • Date: Brisbane 28/05/2019, Melbourne 27/02/2019, Perth 19/06/2019, Sydney 13/03/2019
  • CPM PMP Hours: 8