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AMI is investing in helping marketers “Grow Brand You”. Our AMI manufactured workshops are instrumental in a better understanding of the marketing sector.

Do you want to learn more about marketing or seek to improve your marketing skills in specific areas? AMI training offers a large range of short and longer term training courses with the flexibility of being online or in-class. This ensures you have the most relevant and up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Learn more about the areas of training we provide: Grow Brand You, Back to Basics, Business Simulations, Tools of the TradeCorporate Training, Industry Targeted, and Webinars.

Upon completion of all AMI Manufactured workshops, you will receive a certificate of completion emailed to you.

More than a professional institute AMI is a community of bright Marketing minds with deep professional expertise, wanting to both learn from and give back to their community. AMI’s Marketing Masters Platform is designed for Marketing Professionals looking for a deeper level of professional development, networking and community building. The Marketing Masters Platform is a suite of professional development opportunities for members to learn, connect and collaborate with best-in-class professionals in the AMI community.

Not your normal 101 class. New to the Marketing Profession or want to move sideways from a different department into a more Marketing focused role? Do you work in a small organisaiton where you wear many hats and want your Marketing hat to fit a little better?

Marketing Skills are the bones of the job. AMI offers you access to workshops online and face to face which will help you learn new marketing skills or brush up on old ones.

Personal Professional Development is our focus. We know that Marketers are constantly learning new marketing skills. This means keeping up with new trends and technology. Have you considered what personal skill you could use to get to the next stage in your career?

Monthly webinars which showcase the best that in Marketing that AMI can connect you with.

AMI Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program

This exciting program gives young, aspiring marketers an opportunity to meet and talk with industry professionals and get a valuable insight into the industry and their own futures. They will learn from people who can give them the competitive edge into launching their careers and help them with the first steps of becoming future industry leaders.

AMI Customised Workshops

AMI offers a range of workshops to help your team develop marketing skills. AMI is invested in helping Marketers “Grow Brand You”. The AMI manufactured workshops are instrumental in helping your staff better understand marketing. AMI can tailor these to focus on the challenges your organisation faces, and the goals you wish to achieve.

These tailored workshops will support your staff in their professional development.

Please contact Teegan Diamond at training[@] for more information.