Is Purpose the New Marketing?

A higher purpose than profit is now an imperative for a thriving workplace. Purpose answers the fundamental questions of "Why are we here? How are we being better for the world, not just the best in the world? What is the legacy we are leaving?” There’s a growing body of evidence proving that purpose is the catalyst for both employee and customer engagement and loyalty. Purpose (if done well) can create a ripple affect across all departments of an organisation, including marketing.


14 July 2017


11 AM - 12PM AEST


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Online webinar

Webinar Overview

In this webinar, author Carolyn Tate will discuss how to integrate your personal work purpose with the higher purpose of your organisation starting with where you are right now.

  • Personal work purpose: Work with the Ikigai purpose model and 50 self reflection questions to find your why and bring it to work
  • Organisational purpose: Learn how to become a Purpose Activist to co-create and co-activate your company so that everyone takes responsibility for it.
  • The 12 Practices of Purpose: Discover how to become a Practitioner of Purpose through 12 essential practices such as finding courage, curiosity, creativity, and re-learning.
  • The Purpose Project: Commit to your own personal and organisational purpose project/s to experiment with your why and step boldly onto the path of purpose.
  • You can download a sample of the book here.


Carolyn Tate

Marketer and Author of The Purpose Project

After a long marketing career in the corporate world and her own consultancy, Carolyn took a one year breather in 2010 and returned to work at a women's not-for-profit before founding Carolyn Tate & Co, an education and publishing company dedicated to unearthing a higher purpose in people and organisations.

Carolyn is a keynote speaker and the founder of The Purpose Project and Talk on Purpose learning programs and The Slow School of Business. She's a founding member of Conscious Capitaism Australia and her company is also a Certified B Corporation.

She has been immersing herself in the concepts around higher purpose and the principles of consciousness in business for the past seven years and has been actively working with the contents of this book in her own personal and professional life and with clients.

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