Data Analytics for Marketers

Data analytics that provides actionable insights is the key to an effective marketing strategy which produces greater customer responsiveness and greater customer insights, leading to increased return on investment.

Data analytics can improve your marketing efforts in many ways. It certainly can increase the quality of your sales leads and improve the quality of your sales lead data. Data analytics can provide marketers with insights into who are their customers, what they like to buy, how often they buy it, and whether they are likely to buy the next purchase offer. In a nutshell, data analytics can help marketers to better target their customers with the right product at the right price and time.

What if I could tell you which customer is likely to buy your product and when? How good would that be? How powerful is that? You would certainly be able to plan better, reduce some of your marketing costs and increase your return on investment.


1 August 2017


11 AM - 12 PM AEST


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Webinar Overview


In this webinar, Dr. Carol Hargreaves, Chief Analytics Officer of Business Data Analytics Solutions, will share with you:

  • How to segment your customers for target marketing using customer purchasing data
  • Which customer data to use for actionable insights to determine who to market to
  • How to identify which customers to send a marketing retention campaign
  • How to profile your customers using market basket analysis
  • The power of recommendation engines for targeted marketing


Dr. Carol Anne Hargreaves


CEO & Founder, Business Data Analytics Solutions Pty Ltd

Dr. Hargreaves is the CEO and Founder of Business Data Analytics Solutions Pty Ltd, where she works as the Chief Analytics Officer. Her role includes: Analytics Training, Designing of Analytics Courses, Providing Analytics Advisory & Consulting Services, Conference Speaker & Panel Facilitator.

Born leader with a passion for solving business problems using analytics & machine learning techniques to build data driven solutions that deliver growth and enable decision making that result in organic revenue growth, allowing business processes to become smarter and faster while keeping customers engaged & delighted.

Dr Hargreaves, is a holder of a PhD in Statistics and a MBA from the University of Wales (Cardiff). She was awarded the Foundation of Research and Development Scholarship in 1988.

Dr Hargreaves is an Analytics and Business Intelligence Professional with over 27 years experience, with leading roles in the pharmaceutical, healthcare & fast moving consumer goods industry as well as in the education industry. An excellent Analytics Instructor for solving hands-on real world business problems.

Dr Hargreaves has worked with a variety of leading companies to make businesses more intelligent. These include Pfizer, Novartis, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Nestle, MasterFoods, Goodman Fielder, Foxtel, Aztec, Cegedim Strategic Data (IMS), National Health & Medical Research Council, National University of Singapore.

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